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I approached “A Course in Miracles” at Lesson #1, somewhere in the guts of produced. It inquired about to contemplate “Nothing has any meaning for i.” I thought regarding it for two of days and decided “This noesn’t need any psychological significance. They are just trying to destroy my memory.” Then I saw that one other lessons also contained basically destructive texts.

I felt ridiculous. I became more than ashamed because I was cruel and indifferent after her death rate. I told my father-in-law that I started sorry getting rude, there is nothing tried to be able to nice with him basically my brother-in-law.

First of all, Assume of a civilization not quite as buildings or cities or large levels of people, but as a set of IDEAS that figure out how those people live and what they formulate. “New civilization” was the best expression I could think of in 1955 to mean new values, new beliefs, new ideals, new goals, a new “standard of living,” the right way of thinking, which includes new technique of living. The “civilization,” to me, was what were initially programmed into my head as a system of the American upper middle quality. To design a whole new civilization, all I needed to do was change that programming.

All dream images contain important messages sent by your natural consultant. These messages protect you from the absurdity anyone could have inherited with your anti-conscience, which is the wild side of your conscience that didn’t evolve just like your human side.

Bob: I’m only criticizing certain associated with New Age thought, most particularly the LSD heritage. I believe in reincarnation and the Law of Karma because I have proved goods to myself. I am not telling anybody what is acceptable. I am only critical share my knowledge here, for others to accept or reject.

You receive free psychotherapy from the wise unconscious mind in your own dreams because will need to it as a to combat against your wild anti-conscience. Could be unconscious guidance keeps enlightening you that you simply to aid you preserve your sensibility including your sensitivity. The unconscious remedies are based on increasing your intelligence, while eliminating your absurd behavior.

But only for starters, has actually other senses than the physical detects. And I don’t mean just psychic abilities. We all have ordinary senses by which we perceive our own mental processes-our thoughts, our memories, our feelings, our dreams. I call these the “mental senses.” Early psychologists used these senses in their research, and called them “introspection.” The discoveries of Freud and Jung were based largely on the research of these mental feels.

Bob: Yes, but it comes with a particular prejudice in academia against anything spiritual. When I was at Harvard, people with strong faith were ridiculed unmercifully. The tutorial argument is often that it important for freedom of regarded as break people free of rigid concepts.